This is where I will be keeping past updates to the website from the Home Page.

10/31/2005: I got a menu up and nothing in it so far. You can click on the banner to enter.
11/01/2005: Petz Webring Page is sorta up and running.
11/02/2005: I got a freebies/download page up and running. More downloads will come. Got a guestbook up and running. I will try to get some adoptions running and get a petzshow page running. The site will be slightly watered down due to lack of space on Yahoo's part. Site will eventually get moved to newer place. Got more stuff up tonight. Now at least when you click a button a page comes up. Got some playscenes up for download. The more complex pages will have a bravenet page.
11/04/2005: I did more work. I got some submitted adoptions up. If I missed anyone, let me know. I got the Showz page back up. I am only doing Pose Shows for now. Petz Dictionary is working fine. I still have all the awards from previous shows if needed stored on my computer.
11/06/2005: More adoptions. Awards Page is up. Startng to look a little more normal.
11/07/2005: My Petz Picture page is up.
11/08/2005: More Adoptions: Hamsterz & Mopflops
11/09/2005: More Adoptions. White Shepherds, Holiday Adoptions (Easter, Valentine, Christmas)
11/11/2005: Took off Under Construction. Everything is pretty much back. Added in more adoptions in the Wildz section.
11/18/2005: More Adoptions, Freebies/Downloads, Playscenes, Breeding Pair Pictures. Two more shows opened: Cute and Unique. About Me Page is up and running. Updated petz linkz and forums. If I am missing anything, let me know. Any suggestions? Email me.
01/20/2006: More Guess the Breed Games are up. Shows are still going. There might have been more adoptions since last update.
04/08/2006:Trying a new look. New Tag Board. New Homepage.
04/15/2006:Updated Some Petz Links. Improved the Breedz Page a little.
06/03/2006: Finally Cute Show #14 is judged with awards posted. Added more freebie downloads on Freebies Page 2
06/05/2006: Added a spirit page for future website competition.
06/11/2006: Added a 1Award website voting. Pose Show #46 has been judged and awards posted.
07/01/2006: Added 3 more playscenes on Playscenes Page 2
07/04/2006: Added Freefind search.
07/05/2006: Moved some webpages from geocities to Bravenet. Added a "Find-It" Game to the Petz Games Page.
07/06/2006: Judged Pose Show #47. Winners and Awards posted. Moved more sites to Bravenet.
07/07/2006: Joining up some topsites. Look in the links section and vote for me. Also added a Website Update Archive.
07/08/2006: Added to Petz Links Page. Created my own Petz Topsite. Consider Joining up.
07/26/2006: Sent out lots of adoptions today. Added new Shar-Pei, White Bulldog and Basenji Litterz.
07/27/2006: Judged Pose Show #48. Winners/Awards Posted. Added a couple more adoptions to Single Adoptions.
07/28/2006: Moved Freebies Page 1 from Yahoo Geocities to Bravenet. Added some freebie/downloads on page 1 & 2. Will be adding more free gerbilz/gerbilz mixes downloads in honor of my real gerbil Cloak that passed away this Tuesday (25th).
07/29/2006: Added a new white chihuahua litter to Adoptions Page 3.
08/01/2006: Sent out 3 more adoptions.
08/06/2006: Sent out more adoptions. Pose Shows #49 judged. Winners/Awards Posted. Pose Show #50 is still being judged. Pose Shows #51 & #52 are open. Need a couple more cute entries for judging.
08/07/2006: Unique Show #5 is judged. Winners/Awards Posted. Unique Show #6 is open
08/09/2006: Pose Show #50 is judged. Winners/Awards Posted. Pose Shows #51 & #52 are open. Need one more entry for cute show.
08/23/2006: Judged Cute Show #15. Winners/Awards posted. Sent out lots of adoptions. Updated/Added Petz Links and Forums.
08/28/2006: Added 2 new show. Puppyz Pose Show and Not So Perfect Pose Shows.
09/06/2006: Pose Show #52 closed for judging. Sent out lots of adoptions.
10/09/2006: Added some new cool html for the Adoption and Freebies menu options. Real Cool.
10/22/2006: Pose Show #51 finally judged. Winners and Awards Posted.
12/13/2006: Sent out numerous adoptions.
12/20/2006: Updated show entries page. Need more show entries.
01/21/2007: Sent out adoptions. 2 Chihuahua puppies, single adoption, holiday adoption, 1 hamster adoption
02/27/2007: Sent out 2 hamsterz adoptions. Added two more playscenes to page 2 of playscenes for little critters. New Guestbook. Geocities guestbook gettting too much spam.
04/03/2007: Adoptions. Judged Show #52 finally. Shows are still open.
04/17/2007: New Holiday Litters! Check them out. More litterz coming soon. Gerbilz, PF Mice, Hamsterz and White Shepherds. Email me if you are looking for something in particular.
04/21/2007: Added a new litter of Mopflops in the Adoptions/Wildz area.
04/26/2007: Revamped the Adoption Center. Added more Gerbilz. Added more freebies/downloads.
04/27/2007: Moved a few sites from geocities to bravenet. Joined another petz web ring.
04/28/2007: Sent out an adoption. Added 2 more playscenes on page 2.
05/24/2007: did a couple of adoptions today
07/26/2007: 1 Adoption today
08/02/2007: 1 Adoption today
08/05/2007: Joined 2 new petz topsites.
10/01/2007: Pose Show #53 finally judged. Awards/Winners Posted.
10/02/2007: Sent out adoptions.
10/02/2007: Added new litters to adoptions.
10/03/2007: Updated Breeder's List of where you can find more breedz. Added a new entry in the Petz Blog/Journal.
10/05/2007: Added New Single Adoptions. Catz and Dogz. Received Show Entries. Unique #6 cloed for judging. Unique #7 open for entries.
10/10/2007: Unique Show #6 Judged and Awards Posted.
10/21/2007: New Adoptions added. Check them out.
11/02/2007: Updated Showz Page. Two shows being judged.
11/13/2007: Added new Holiday Litter.
11/14/2007: Added new Guinea Pig Litter.
02/20/2008: Sent out many adoptions. For details, go to the adoptions page.
02/21/2008: Added a new blog entry in the Petz Forum Blog. Go check it out.
02/22/2008: Adoptions updated. Go check out the additions/updates.
02/24/2008: Cute Show #16 Judged/Winners/Awards Posted. Puppyz Show #2 Judged/Awards Posted.
02/28/2008: Updated my Petz forum. It is now called Dianes Kennelz Wildz Petz Club. Cleaned up Petz Linkz Page. Added some new ones and petz forums also.
03/03/2008: I have been getting lots of questions on how to copy your adopted pets into the Petz program. I created a webpage with graphics on how to do this.
03/05/2008: More adoptions posted. See Adoptions Main Page.
03/08/2008: Added More Breeding Pairs to the list. More Adoptions posted and sent out. Check Adoptions Page.
03/12/2008: More stuff going on in Adoptions.
03/21/2008: Sent and posted more adoptions.
11/07/2008: Still here. Sent out adoptions. Breeding a litter of pgymy Mice and Turkeyz.
11/11/2008: Chinchilla Litter coming soon.

Adoption Main Archive:

04/17/2007: Christmas Litter.
04/25/2007: New Gerbilz Litter.
04/29/2007: Added 2 more Gerbilz for adoption.
10/02/2007: Sent out a holiday adoption.
10/02/2007: Added two new litters. One in Mixed Adoptions. One in Adoptions Page 2. German Shepherd Litter.
10/03/2007: Added New Christmas Holiday Litter. Added a White Shepherd Pup in Single Adoptions.
10/05/2007: Added New Single Adoptions. Catz and Dogz.
10/20/2007: Sent out 2 adoptions today.
10/21/2007: Added a Fancy Mice Litter & Newfoundland Litter.
10/26/2007: Sent out 3 adoptions. Added 2 more gerbil litterz in Wildz Adoptions.
11/04/2007: Ferretz, Show Ratz, and Lemurz Litterz soon.
11/13/2007: Added a Holiday Litter. Some Patriot Catz 5 Litter.
11/14/2007: Added a Guinea Pig Litter.
02/20/2008: Sent out Gerbilz adoptions. Chihuahua pups. Valentine's Day Pup. Planning an easter litter on request. Also, planning a St. Patrick's Day litter.
02/22/2008: Hamsterz, Ferretz and Lemurz litters added. More Gerbils coming.
02/24/2008: Turkeyz Litter added to The Farm.
02/26/2008: Added a Sugar Glider Wing to Pet Store Adoptions.
02/27/2008: Easter Litter Posted. More will come.
03/05/2008: Sent out some adoptions. Posted a new Mixed Litter. Will have Sugar Gliders, Capybarra and Degu-like litter soon. Guinea Pig Litter Posted.
03/08/2008: Added lots of adoptions everywhere. Sent out some adoptions. New Sugar Glider Litter. Added some Single Adult Adoptions. Check around.
03/12/2008: Sent out more adoptions. Added more litters. Added a couple of Show Ratz Litters.
03/21/2008: Sent Adoptions for Hamsterz, River, Basenji Pups, Mixes, Pharaoh Hound Puppies and Parents, Chihuahua Puppies, Single Adoptions. Posted more adoptions including a single Pgymy Mouse.
11/07/2008: Sent out gerbils, pgymy mouse and hammie adoption. Bred for more Pgymy Mice and St. Patricks Catz. Turkey Litter Soon for Thanksgiving.
11/11/2008: Chinchilla Litter coming soon.
11/13/2008: Turkey & Pgymy Mice Litter Up.

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