Note: If "Unibreed" is mentioned, it means that the breedfile will work in Petz 3,4,5

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Petz 3 Dogz Petz 4 Dogz Petz 5 Original Dogz

I don't remember what site they came from, if you know, please send me the link.

Christmas Dogz (P5) Rosebudz Dogz (P5) Patriot - Catz 5 Original Muttlie (P5) ShelterDogz (Unibreed) Sugar Glider - Catz P5
ChristmasDogz Rosebudz Patriot Original Muttlie ShelterDogz Sugar Gliders
Muttle v2 P5 Newfoundland P5 Shar-Pei P5 Mopflop - Dogz P5 Chinchilla - Dogz P5 Chipmunk - Dogz P5
New Muttlies NewFoundland Chinese Shar-Pei Mopflop Chinchillas Chipmunk
Pastel Scottie B-G P5 Carolyn's Creationz Pastel Scottie Y-P P5 Carolyn's Creationz
Pastel B-G Pastel Y-P
Good Breedfile Sites
The Petz Archive
Minibytes Petz Archive
Pinecone Cattery
Cheetah Kennelz and Cattery
Petz Underground
Paranoia - Dogs
Paranoia - Catz
Vickie's Show Breedz
VPZ Research Center
Supernova's Breedz
Ultimate Breedz Resource
Look at these sites first. If you can't find it, email me.


Created: 07 April 2009 

Updated: 06 March 2010