Dianes Kennelz Petz Adoption Center

I do accept any unwanted petz. I will put them in my rescue. I am also taking in any submissions also. Just email them to me. No need to ask. Just tell me what version they are. When adopting from me, please don't put them up for adoption on your page.

Adoption Rulez: Just promise that you will take care of the petz and return it if unwanted.

Adoption form for all adoptions:
Petz Name
Page Where Found
Email Address

MARCH 6, 2012: I moved two litters to freebies. I will be slowly moving the adoptions to freebies. I am still sending out adoptions but not as often. If you want any adoptions moved to freebies, let me know and I will have it moved for you to download.

Submitted Adoptions

If you have adoptions but no website to show them, send them to me and I will post them for you.

New Adoptions Posted:

03/03/2009: New Submitted Adoption. Please go check it out.
04/01/2009: New Chinchilla Litter.
04/07/2009: Adoptions Added. Sent out a couple of adoptions. Added to Singles and Chihuahua's.
04/30/2009: Moved my last 3 pages off of Yahoo Geocities to this domain since geocities is shutting down later this year.
02/06/2010: Emailed lots of adoptions out last night from the last couple of months. If you sent one to me earlier, then November 2009, resend please. Currently working on Holiday Litters and a Chipmunk Litter.
02/12/2010: Added a new page called Forest Friends to handle the animals that actually live in The Wild. NEW HOLIDAY LITTERS! Valetines' Day (Dogz) and Independence Day (Catz). They are so cool. Go take a look. We have our first Forest Friend resident. A new baby chipmunk. He is so cute.
02/19/2010: More Chinchillas up for adoption. Sent more adoptions out. New Baby Hammie Posted. She is a cutie. Reworked Adoptions Page 2 to look neater. Dog Breeding suggestions welcome.
02/21/2010: New Gerbil Litter posted.
02/26/2010: Basenji Pups Posted!! More Hamsterz & Show Ratz Posted.
02/28/2010: Newfoundland and Chinese Shar-Pei Litters Posted. Sent out lots of adoptions. Mopflop litter posted.
03/06/2010: PFMice, Fancy Mice, Newfoundland, and Gerbil Mix Litters Posted.

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