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If some pages are not working or is blocked by your popup blocker, hold down the CTRL key and then click on the page you want to go to. I now have a website update archive. All website updates before 03/01/2009 are in the archive. Let me know what you think of the site. Sign my guest book. Email me with any questions or comments.

03/29/2007: All adoption updates will now be on the front page of the Adoption Center. Please check there for any new available adoptions.

01/20/2010: Don't worry the site is not closed. It is just very slow. All that has requested adoptions, I will be sending them out this week. Sorry it has taken awhile.

02/05/2010: Decided to close down the Showz page for now. Not much interest anymore. If you are let me know.

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03/03/2009: Added a new submitted adoption. Go check out the cute guy.
04/01/2009: NEW Chinchilla Litter in Adoptions
04/06/2009: New Easter Litter Posted. Updated Breedz Pages. Lot cleaner and better looking. Looking for current breedfile sites. Updated Breedz Page. Sent out a couple of adoptions.
02/05/2010: Emailed out a ton of overdue adoptions. Valentine's Day Litter, Independence Day(Catz) and Chipmunk Litters coming soon. NEW!!! Page 3 of Freebies/Downloads! Many were moved from the Single Adoptions to Freebies. More Will come.
02/06/2010: More Playscenes!! See Playscenes Page 3
02/12/2010: Joined more Top Petz Sites. Check them out. Added a new page called Forest Friends in adoptions to handle the animals that actually live in The Wild. NEW HOLIDAY LITTERS! Valetine's Day (Dogz) and Independence Day (Catz). They are so cool. Go take a look. We have our first Forest Friend resident. A new baby chipmunk. She is so cute.
02/21/2010: Been posting new litters in the adoption center. Go take a look!
02/26/2010: More Adoptions Posted. Go take a Look!
03/06/2010: More Adoptions Posted.
03/06/2012: Added More downloads on Freebies Page 3. Added Turkeys and Chipmunks

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